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Strength and Mobility classes employ gymnastics strength training and bodyweight training techniques, integrated with a variety of mobility training techniques. Regular strength training, joint conditioning and mobility work are great ways to optimise your strength capability and improve your body awareness.

During a Strength and Mobility class you will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of whole body activities including: gymnastics style core conditioning, hanging, pulling, squatting, lunging, static holds, dynamic movements, handstand conditioning, handstands, gymnastics rings conditioning, balancing, weighted mobility, and partner assisted mobility.
I often use the coaching model; where you work together with 1-2 partners to correct, cue, and challenge each other. All partner activities can be modified to solo activities, and vice-versa.
Classes are 75 minutes long and the first 15 minutes is your personal time to arrive, warmup, chat with friends, ask me questions, or just relax! The final 60 minutes is comprised of highly organised strength training activities. Each weekly class plan is unique, and you’ll never do the same class twice.
All strength activities are scalable, meaning that I can make them easier, or more challenging, depending on your ability. When deciding if Strength and Mobility is an appropriate activity for you, you must consider your individual condition, including: Age, Injury History and Fitness Level. For example, you will need to be able to get up and down from the floor, move onto your hands and knees, raise your arms, squat deeply, and be comfortable with your balance. It is your choice and responsibility to determine whether or not you want to participate in any particular activity and remember that I can always give you alternatives if you decide that a certain activity does not suit you. If you have any concerns in view of your general health, medical condition(s) or other, regarding the appropriateness of undertaking an exercise program; you should seek your own medical advice and consult your Doctor before participating.

What is Training Partners?
Training Partners sessions are almost the same as regular Strength and Mobility classes, except I train with the group at the same time. Participation in Training Partners is by invitation. We tend to go faster and do higher repetitions, and there is less time spent explaining each activity.

I take enrolments by the 10 week term. It is my intention to expose you to a broad variety of activities over the 10 week period, giving you the best opportunity to learn and improve. I feel that by committing to an entire course of classes, you will gain the most optimal experience of the type of exercise modalities I offer. Your enrolment is for a specific class time each week. This guarantees your place in your preferred class time and allows you to take advantage of a regular and routine exercise practice.

Your course fee of $200 is calculated to cover 10 classes. If you cannot attend a class, you are welcome to do a makeup class during the term (see the makeup policy below). Your enrolment is not refundable or transferable to another person without first consulting me and gaining my express agreement. Term fees must be paid in advance of the term start date.

If you have any concerns regarding fee payment, please contact me as soon as possible. I am very happy to discuss ways in which we can resolve fees issues.

*Training Partners course fees are slightly different. Information confirming TPs course fees will be sent via email.

Should you miss your regular Strength and Mobility or Training Partners class time, there are a number of makeup opportunities available:
1. You are welcome at any Strength and Mobility or Training Partners class time offered by me, unless the class is fully booked. To see if a class time is fully booked, please check the timetable for the term below, or contact me directly. Strength and Mobility makeup classes may only be taken within the term dates. Strength and Mobility makeup classes are not refundable or transferable without first consulting me and gaining my express agreement.
Summer Term 2020 Strength and Mobility Class Timetable:
Monday 5:45pm > 7:00pm
Monday 7:00pm > 8:15pm
Tuesday 6:30pm > 7:45pm
Thursday 2:45pm > 4:00pm
Thursday 5:15pm > 6:30pm
Friday 5:30pm > 6:45pm

Summer Term 2020 Training Partners Class Timetable:
Monday 6:45am > 8:00am
Monday 4:30pm > 5:45pm
Tuesday 5:15pm > 6:30pm
Wednesday 8:00am > 9:15am
Thursday 6:45am > 8:00am
Friday 4:15pm > 5:30pm

2. You are welcome at any one of the 3 Saturday morning makeup classes. If you know you’re going to be away and can’t make one of the other regular SM class times, please book in early. The maximum class size for makeups is 14 people. The Summer Term 2020 Saturday morning makeup schedule is:
Saturday 22 February, 9:00am > 10:00am
Saturday 14 March, 9:00am > 10:00am
Saturday 4 April, 9:00am > 10:00am

I work with individuals including children, and small groups. 
My friend and colleague Ciel Materne also does private training and has experience in working with conditions including Parkinson’s Disease. 
Please contact me directly if you are looking for individual strength training programs or sessions.

Spring Term 2020 Timetable

The Spring Term 2020 timetable for 4 class types: Strength and Mobility, Stretch Therapy, Stretch Therapy via ZOOM, and Training Partners, is shown below. 

*DURING the current phase of COVID-19 in Canberra all in-person group classes at the Strength and Mobility venue in Bruce will reduce in size to 10 students maximum.  This size limit does not apply to the Stretch Therapy via ZOOM class on Wednesday afternoons.  All enrolled students are welcome to do makeups using the Stretch Therapy via ZOOM class, anytime during the term.

As the beginning of each term approaches some classes may fill, and this timetable will be updated. Please note that while the timetable is not intended to change, in unforeseen circumstances classes may be cancelled. In these circumstances I will contact all affected students with as much notice as possible.
If you are enrolled in a Strength and Mobility class or a Stretch Therapy class and you need to do a makeup, please check the timetable below to view which classes are currently full (and should be avoided for makeups), and which classes have places available in them. Classes that are full are clearly marked with RED text. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact me in advance to find out if there is space. 
If you are enrolled in a Training Partners class and you need to do a makeup, you are welcome at any of the class times shown in grey below. Training Partners refers to my own strength and mobility practice. Please see the Strength page for more information about Training Partners.