The Autumn Term 2020 timetable for 3 class types: Strength and Mobility, Stretch Therapy, and Training Partners, is shown below. 

*DURING THE COVID-19 shutdown I plan to go ahead with the 10 week Autumn term, using follow-along class videos instead of teaching in-person classes at my little gym.  

IMPORTANTLY - I intend to only use the video method while we are in COVID-19 shutdown mode.  I will begin teaching in-person classes as soon as the government/health authority advises that businesses like mine are allowed to open again.  

As the beginning of each term approaches some classes may fill, and this timetable will be updated. Please note that while the timetable is not intended to change, in unforeseen circumstances classes may be cancelled. In these circumstances I will contact all affected students with as much notice as possible.
If you are enrolled in a Strength and Mobility class or a Stretch Therapy class and you need to do a makeup, please check the timetable below to view which classes are currently full (and should be avoided for makeups), and which classes have places available in them. Classes that are full are clearly marked with RED text. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact me in advance to find out if there is space. 
If you are enrolled in a Training Partners class and you need to do a makeup, you are welcome at any of the class times shown in grey below. Training Partners refers to my own strength and mobility practice. Please see the Strength page for more information about Training Partners.