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Winter Term 2020

Monday 20 July 2020 > Saturday 26 September 2020
The 10 week winter term starts on Monday 20 July, and aligns with the ACT school term.  

Important News!  The Strength and Mobility venue in Bruce will re-open for in-person Strength and Stretch classes for the winter term.

More Important News!  Strength and Mobility will offer a ‘live online’ capability from the winter term onwards.  More information on this new class delivery method, in the coming weeks. 

Please email me merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au to chat about the winter term.

Autumn Term 2020

Monday 27 April 2020 > Saturday 4 July 2020
The 10 week autumn term is still being presented via a series of weekly follow-along pre-recorded videos.  The videos will be made available to all enrolled students until Sunday 19 July (the day before the winter term starts).  Please email me merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au if you’d like to buy the autumn term of classes via video.




Please visit strengthandmobilityau on instagram for regular photos and videos!