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Spring Term 2021

Monday 4 October 2021 > Saturday 11 December 2021
The 10 week spring term starts on Monday 4 October. The spring term aligns with the ACT school term.  While the ACT remains in lockdown and various restrictions on gyms are maintained, classes will be made available live via zoom, and recordings of those classes made available on vimeo. Once health orders allow, in-person small group classes will resume. Enrolments are open; please email me merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au to join us.



  • The Strength and Mobility studio is CLOSED during the ACT lockdown.  All enrolled students are invited to join our zoom classes; we have 3 STRETCH, 2 STRENGTH and 1 MASTERS STRENGTH class per week.  All zoom classes are recorded and uploaded to vimeo so that you can participate anytime.  Email me at merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au to find out more.


Please visit strengthandmobilityau on instagram for regular photos and videos!