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Summer Term 2020

Monday 3 February 2020 > Thursday 9 April 2020
The 10 week summer term starts on Monday 3 February, and aligns with the ACT school term. There are places available in a variety of class types and times; please check the Timetable page. Please email me merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au as soon as possible to book a place in your preferred class time.



  • The first saturday morning makeup class will be held on 22 February. If you know you’re going to be missing a regular class sometime during the summer term, please book in as soon as possible by emailing Merryn merryn@strengthandmobility.com.au 
  • The first set of ad-hoc classes will be held on 22 February.  More information will be posted here, and emailed, soon!


Please visit strengthandmobilityau on instagram for regular photos and videos!